KumKum is the highest peak (1220 m) of the Zasavje mountain side, almost in the middle of Slovenia. From Kum there is an extremely beautiful view. From the east to the south one can see Gore, Kopitnik, Veliko Kozje, Lisca, Bohor, Medvednica, Gorjanci, Kočevski Rog, Snežnik, Javorniki, Nanos, and the nearby valley of Sopota towards Radeče with the old castle above Svibno and the extensive Lower Carniola Hills (Dolenjsko gričevje); on the west there are the Julian Alps with Triglav, in front of them the Polhov Gradec Hills (Polhograjsko hribovje) and the Škofja Loka mountains (Škofjeloško pogorje); from the west towards the north one can see the Karavanke, the Kamnik Alps, and on the north one can first see the chain of peaks of the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) between the Sava and Savinja from Čemšeniška planina across Mrzlica to Gozdnik and Malič, behind lie Raduha, Golte, Smrekovec, Uršlja gora, Paški Kozjak, Pohorje, Konjiška gora and Boč.

First broadcasts were made in May 1957. A FM radio transmitter from Westinghouse covered areas of Dolenjska and Zasavje. In 1960 a new building together with a 60 m tower was built. Transmiiting site Kum has a very important role in network of microwave links with other transmitting sites in Slovenia (Krvavec, Pohorje, Plešivec, Trdinov vrh) and neighbouring countries. It also relays signal to many smaller transposer sites. It's importance was also recognized in 1991 during the Slovenian Independence War (a brief military conflict between Slovenia and Yugoslavia in 1991) when the Yugosalv People's Army air force attacked the transmiiting site Kum twice and caused a significant damage.
94.1 MHz Radio Slovenija Prvi Program - Program A1
98.1 MHz Radio Kum
99.9 MHz Radio Slovenija Drugi Program - Program VAL 202
103.9 MHz Radio Slovenija Tretji Program - Program ARS
105.9 MHz Radio Ognjišče
CH 32