KrvavecThe Krvavec group is a small group on the south side of the main ridge of Kamnik Alps group and has many nice mountains with the highest mountain Kalski Greben. Veliki Zvoh is the highest peak of this small group. In this group it is also the peak from which the whole group gets the name. This mountain is Krvavec (1853 m). It is located about 25 km north of the Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. 

The Krvavec transmitting site is located on the slope at the height of 1740 m. It has a great view over a large part of Slovenia and therefore it has a large coverage area for radio and television.

The first activites on building the site started in 1955. In 1957 there were first television broadcasts from the Krvavec transmitting site. Since at that time there was no television production yet in Slovenia (at that time part of Yugoslavia), the transmitter was just relaying Italian broadcasts.

During the Slovenian Independence War (a brief military conflict between Slovenia and Yugoslavia in 1991) the Yugosalv People's Army air force attacked some important radio and television transmitters including Krvavec transmitting site in an attempt to silence the Slovenian government's broadcasts.

Krvavec is also a popular winter destination. The lengthy ski season at Krvavec ski resort runs from late November to early May.
88.4 MHz Radio 1
91.8 MHz Radio Slovenija Prvi Program - Program A1
98.9 MHz Radio Slovenija Drugi Program - Program VAL 202
102.0 MHz Radio Slovenija Tretji Program - Program ARS
104.5 MHz Radio Ognjišče

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