SljemeSljeme is the highest peak (1033 m asl) of the Medvednica mountain in the central Croatia, just north of Zagreb. The peak Sljeme (summit) is often used to refer to the entire mountain.The name Medvednica can be translated as "bear mountain", and there are other toponyms on the mountain using the kajkavian dialect term medved (bear, standard Croatian "medvjed"), notably Medvedgrad, a medieval castle on its southwestern edges. Most of the area of Medvednica is a nature park, a type of preservation lesser than a national park. There are three ways to reach the mountain: by car, on foot (there are numerous mountain paths) or by gondola lift, which starts from the Gračani neighborhood. The cable car has run since 1963, and takes four people, with a 23 minute journey time. Because of its proximity to Zagreb, Medvednica has many visitors, especially during weekends.

On 15 May 1956, which marked the 30th anniversary of Radio Zagreb, the first TV transmitter began operating from the Tomislav's Dom Hotel on Mount Sljeme. It retransmitted RAI UNO programs. In 1957 the first radio transmitter on Mount Sljeme also began broadcasting radio programs. In 1966 a 10 kW VHF TV transmitter was set up on Mount Sljeme and test broadcasts began with occasional programs in color.

The transmitting tower (also called Zagreb TV Tower) is a 169 m tall tower built of reinforced concrete on the Sljeme peak. It was built in 1973. Unfortunately, it is not open for the public, although at a 75 m level there is space for a foreseen tower restaurant. On September 16, 1991, during the Croatian War of Independence, the tower was a target of a Yugoslav army air attack. The guided missile hit caused significant damage to the TV equipment and temporary interruption of the broadcast. It was repaired a few years later.There are some speculations about the opening of the tower restaurant, as a part of the "Sljeme" project, which includes building of the new ski-tracks, and an extension of the cable car line.

There is a winter sports center on the northern slopes towards Sljeme. The winter sports center consists of one chairlift for three persons and two T-bar lifts. Equipment for producing artificial snow has been added, and because of that the skiing season has been prolonged to more than four months.
88.1 MHz Radio Sljeme
89.7 MHz Antena Zagreb
92.1 MHz Hrvatski Radio 1
98.5 MHz Hrvatski Radio 2
101.0 MHz Radio 101
103.5 MHz Hrvatski Katolički Radio
CH 48 DVB-T MUX BHRT 3, HRT 4, RTL 2, Doma TV

Information on the construction of the Sljeme transmitting tower