Boč is a mountain in the Poljčane municipality. It is the highest peak (978 m) in the Boč nature reserve which an extremely important part of Slovenia's natural heritage as well as several typical cultural and architectural sights. The forested areas give the appearance of a primeval forest, and a special feature of the region is the Norway maple. Plenty of protected and rare plants grow on the southern slopes of Boč. The most typical of them is the pasque flower (Pulsatilla grandis, in slovenian: Velikonočnice) that grows around the church of St. Nicholas. Its purple blooms open in early spring. Besides the pasque flowers, the slopes of Boč are also adorned by the rose daphne and auricula.

Towards the north and northeast one can see the Drava Plain (Dravsko polje), which is enclosed by the Pohorje Massif on the west and the Slovenske gorice Hills to the northeast. On the east one can see the Haloze Hills (Haloško gričevje) and the nearby Donačka gora and Macelj, behind are Ravna gora, Ivanščica and Strahinščica and towards the southeast Medvednica; on the south there are the vast Kozjak Hills (Kozjansko gričevje), behind them lie the Posavje Hills (Posavsko hribovje) with Bohor, Lisca and Gorjanci, and when the visibility is good one can see the peak of Snežnik; toward the west there is Konjiška gora in the vicinity and Paški Kozjak behind it. When the weather is clear one can see the Julian and Savinja Alps; and the Pohorje Massif to the northeast and north where south and east slopes are well-visible as well as Rogla.
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