Free Ad Inserter Wordpress Plugin

A simple but powerful free Wordpress plugin that enables you to insert any HTML/Javascript/PHP code in posts or display it as a widget. It is perfect for displaying AdSense or Amazon ads at any position. You can put up to 16 ad blocks.

For each block you can choose where and how it will be displayed: before selected post paragraph, before random post paragraph, before content, after content or as a widget. You can also select paragraph counting direction and float type. I wrote this plugin because none of the existing solutions had the options I wanted. On of the very powerful features of this plugin is the ability to insert post category or post tags into the ad code. This way you can create contextual ads where you have the ability to target specific category or products (e.g. Amazon Search Widget).


You can also test different versions of the same ad. Together with ad tracking this can be useful to find out which ad type performs best.

ad inserter banner

Installation is very simple. You can install it automatically from the Wordpress Plugins administration page: seach for ad inserter, install it,  activate it and access Setting / Ad Inserter to configure it.


The Ad Inserter plugin was created after I couldn't find a suitable plugin for my needs. The plugin is available for free and if you like it and would like to support further development you can donate some small amount. Donations are a great way to show your appreciation for my work. You don't need a PayPal account to donate. Donations are managed by PayPal, the industry leader in online money transfers. A lot of people are scared about using their credit card online, but this fear is totally unmotivated. Using your credit card at the restaurant is much more risky! If you have a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or a PayPal account, donating is easy. Just click the button below to donate: