Slovenian Multiplex B West Transport Stream Analysis

DVB-T TVSlovenian MULTIPLEX B is operated by the Norwegian company Norkring. Norkring is the leading provider of broadcasting services in Norway, operating one of the largest networks in Europe. The company is the owner of a large amount of terrestrial transmitters; 47 main transmitter sites and 2700 smaller sites containing more than 7000 transmitters spread throughout Norway.

Norkring is owned by Telenor ASA and is part of Telenor Broadcast Holding, which is one of three core areas in The Telenor Group. Telenor is among the leading companies in telecommunication and information technology worldwide. Telenor has substantial international management experience through mobile and satellite operations, as well as global conditional access services.

Currently there is no TV content in mux B, just test transmission. Multiplex B is using AAC audio coding (MPEG-4 part 3) in addition to AVC video coding (MPEG-4 part 10, H.264). This means that the mux B is legacy free (i.e. no MPEG-1/II audio coding). Support for MPEG-4 audio coding (AAC) is mandatory for all set-top-boxes and integrated DVB-T receivers on Slovenian market. Here you can get more information about Norkring multiplex B.

On this page you can see the analysis of the MULTIPLEX B transport stream from the West allotment. The displayed data is extracted from the actual broadcasted multiplex from the Slavnik transmitting site.

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Program Association Table

PAT Version Number: 0
Transport Stream ID: 7 [0007]
NIT: 834 MHz (CH 66)

PMT PID 16 [0010] - Network
PMT PID 1000 [03E8] - Program 16 MUX-B INFO

Program Map Table(s)

Network PMT Entry - carried on PID 16 [0010]
Program Number: 16 MUX-B INFO
PCR PID: [0064]

Stream Type: [1B] H.264
Video PID 100 [0064]
H.264 Video: Resolution 720 x 576 Interlaced: 1
Descriptor: AVC video descriptor Descriptor
Profile idc: 77 Constraint set 0=0 1=1 2=0
AVC compatible: 0 Level idc 30
AVC still present: 0 24 hour picture 0

Stream Type: [11] MPEG-4
Audio PID 101 [0065]
Descriptor: ISO639 Language Descriptor
Language: slv
Audio type: undefined

Network Information Table

Network Name: MULTIPLEX B
Network ID: 12819 [3213]
Transport Stream ID: 7 [0007]
Original Network ID: 8897 [22C1] Version: 5
Descriptor: Network Name Descriptor
DVB-T Frequency 834 MHz (CH 66)
Bandwidth: 8 MHz Constellation: 64-QAM
Hierarchy: non-hierarchical, native interleaver Guard Interval 1/4
Code Rate: 3/4
Current Network: True
Descriptor: Service List Descriptor
Service: 16 (MUX-B INFO) advanced codec SD digital television

Service Description Table

SDT Channel 16
Service Name: MUX-B INFO
Provider Name: NORKRING
Transport Stream ID: 7 [0007] 834 MHz (CH 66)

Original Network ID: 8897 [22C1]

Event Information Table

MPEG-2 Statistics

TableSections ProcessedCRC Errors

Continuity errors: 84
TEI errors: 0
Calculated multiplex rate: 5006368 bps

General Information

Source: Igor Funa
Tuner: Custom DVB-T Receiver
Signal: n/a
Profile: Default
Network Type: DVB
Run Time: 000:00:08

PID Usage Chart

[0000] (0.32% ~ 0.02 Mbps) *14/0
[0000] MPEG-2 Program Assocation Table
[0010] (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps)
[0010] DVB Network Information Table
[0011] (0.02% ~ 0.00 Mbps)
[0011] DVB Service Definition Table
[0012] (0.05% ~ 0.00 Mbps) *14/0
[0012] DVB Event Information Table
[0014] (0.00% ~ 0.00 Mbps) *14/0
[0014] DVB Time Definition and Offset Tables
[0064] (82.83% - 4.12 Mbps) *14/0
[0064] H.264 Video for program 16
[0065] (2.66% ~ 0.13 Mbps) *14/0
[0065] MPEG-4 Audio for program 16
[03E8] (0.32% ~ 0.02 Mbps) *14/0
[03E8] MPEG-2 PMT for program 16
[1FFF] (13.79% ~ 0.69 Mbps)
[1FFF] MPEG-2 NULL Packet

Multiplex B Usage Chart
Multiplex B Usage Chart by Service