Transmitting Sites in Austria


SchöcklThe Schöckl is a 1445 m high mountain about 15 miles north of the Styrian capital Graz. The plateau on the Schöckel offers on clear days outstanding views to the Triglav mountain in Slovenia and to the Sljeme mountain near Zagreb in Croatia. Mount Schöckl is not only a popular hiking destination in summer and autumn. In winter Schockl is an attractive destination for skiing.

The transmitting tower on the Schöckl was build between years 1955 and 1957. Originally it was 74 m high free standing tower but in recent times it was additionally guyed.


DobratschThe Dobratsch (also Villacher Alpe, Slovenian: Dobrač) is a 2166 m high mountain in Carinthia (located west of the city Villach) above the green meadows of the "Villacher Alpe". It is Carinthia's best vantage point thanks to its exposed position between the Drau and Gail Valleys, the southern Limestone Alps and the mountain glaciers on the edge of the Carinthian lake plateau. The Dobratsch owes its distinctive form to the two greatest landslides in the eastern Alps.
Two earthquakes released a total of 530 million cubic meters of rock over an area of 12 kilometers from the southern flank of the Dobratsch, burying the lower Gail Valley down to a depth of 80 meters. This area is appropriately named "Schütt" (detritus).