DVB-T in Estonia

DVB-T in the Estonia was introduced in December 2006 by Levira Ltd. At that time only ETV - Eesti Televisioon, the national public television station of Estonia, was available for free. The first multiplex is FTA and carries 6 channels while pay-TV package is offered on two multiplexes by Estonian Digital Television Ltd. (Zuum TV). Analog transmitters are planned to be turned off in June 2010. Here is the list of all channels available on DVB-T in Estonia.

In December 2006 Estonia became the first country to introduce MPEG-4 AVC only commercial Terrestrial Digital-TV services. On March 31st 2007 an Estonian island Ruhnu become first region within new EU countries where analogue TV transmissions where switched off. On July 1st 2010 Estonia shall become the first Eastern-European country to switch off all analogue TV transmitters.

Estonian Multiplex 1 Transport Stream Analysis

Multiplex 1Estonian MUX1 is operated by the Levira company and is covering almost 100% of the territory of Estonia. MUX1 is FTA and carries 6 channels in MPEG-4 AVC format: 2 public channels ETV and ETV 2, and 4 private channels TV6, Kanal 2, Kanal 11 and TV3.