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21. Dobratsch
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Austria)
... a guyed steel tube mast on the top. The Dobratsch Transmitter Tower is primarily used for broadcasting of FM radio and TV programmes. The Dobratsch transmitting site was chosen after it was found that ...
22. Krim
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Slovenia)
Krim transmitting site is built on the Krim mountain south of Ljubljana. The need for transmitting site at Krim emerged in early 1970s because there were some gaps in the radio and television coverage ...
... (Slovenia) from the Conconello transmitting site (channel 45). The data was captured on Saturday, 28 Feb 2009. On the image below you ...
24. Pohorje
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Slovenia)
Pohorje transmitting site is located in a forest area on the Pohorje Mountains west of Maribor, at 1056 m above sea level. The 72 m lattice tower is designed as free-standing tower but it is guyed in two ...
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