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21. Schöckl
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Austria)
The Schöckl is a 1445 m high mountain about 15 miles north of the Styrian capital Graz. The plateau on the Schöckel offers on clear days outstanding views to the Triglav mountain in Slovenia and to the ...
22. Dobratsch
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Austria)
The Dobratsch (also Villacher Alpe, Slovenian: Dobrač) is a 2166 m high mountain in Carinthia (located west of the city Villach) above the green meadows of the "Villacher Alpe". It is Carinthia's best ...
23. Krim
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Slovenia)
... areas of the Krvavec transmitting site. Preparation works for the Krim site started In 1971. After it was build the first broadcast from this site was Slovenian public television channel TV Ljubljana ...
... (Slovenia) from the Conconello transmitting site (channel 45). The data was captured on Saturday, 28 Feb 2009. On the image below you ...
25. Pohorje
(Transmitting Sites/Transmitting Sites in Slovenia)
... covers a large part of the north-east Slovenia. First broadcasts from Pohorje transmitting site started in 1963 on frequencies 88.5 MHz and 96.9 MHz for two radio stations and on TV channel 11 for one ...
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