Slovenian Multiplex A Transport Stream Analysis (Updated Hourly)

DVB-T TVSlovenian MULTIPLEX A is operated by the public broadcaster RTV Slovenija. It carries 3 public national channels (TV Slovenija 1, TV Slovenija 2 and TV Slovenija 3), 2 public regional channels (TV Koper/Capodistria in the Zahod (West) allotment and TV Maribor - Tele M in the Vzhod (East) allotment and private regional channel Vaš Kanal.

On this page you can see the (almost) real-time analysis of the MUX A transport stream from the Center allotment. The displayed data is extracted from the actual broadcasted multiplex received in Vrhnika from the nearby Krim transmitting site.

The page is refreshed every hour. If there is no page update for more than few hours or you see an error message then this might be due to receiving hardware malfunction, problem with the internet connection, bad reception or DVB-T network failure. You can also download a transport stream file captured on 18 February 2013.

TV Slovenija 1 TV Slovenija 2 TV Slovenija 3 vas kanal

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Stream analyzed on Friday, 16 Nov 2018, 04:00 local time

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